Benefits of AC Surge Protectors

An aging or compromised power grid in your community is a safety issue that can affect an AC system. Installing an AC surge protector can put a stop to the potential damage caused by power surges and brownouts. The impact of a surge during hot weather can bring down your AC unit quickly. Here’s more information on the value of surge protection for your air conditioner.

What Is Surge Protection?

Our nation’s power grid has weaknesses. Electrical surges are spikes in voltage that can flow from the grid into your home’s electrical system. Every year, property owners are faced with electrical surges that can damage their home’s power system and appliances. These surges happen in microseconds and can occur without you even knowing what’s happening. With surge protection in place, the swell of power is stopped or diverted. This protects equipment connected to the electrical system from damage.

What Causes Electrical Surges?

Stormy weather can cause a surge in the power grid and result in problems for whole communities. Whole neighborhoods can suffer the effects of lightning hitting power lines or blowing a transformer. High winds and rain can also affect already degraded power lines and cause surges. Spikes in power can happen when a transformer blows out.

There are many other reasons for electrical surges. Your local power company may experience a circuit overload, an operational failure or an equipment breakdown. Accidents involving vehicles or large pieces of equipment can knock down power poles or interfere with power lines. There are occasions when your power company will shut down their systems intentionally. This is actually done to prevent a surge from spreading and affecting millions of customers.

Electrical Disturbances Are Expensive

An overflow of electricity sent through an appliance can destroy it. Wiring and parts inside the system can be damaged by an electrical spike. Turning the equipment on the first time after a surge can cause a fire hazard. Replacing devices can be costly, and the price tag soars if a home’s whole electrical system is burned out. Surge protection can put a stop to the problem.

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Surges Also Happen Inside a Home

Small power surges can happen in your home and cause problems over time. If you are repeatedly replacing devices because they stop working without an apparent reason, surges could be why. Here’s what happens: Motors that require lots of power to start up can send excess voltage back through the home’s electrical system. This can affect unprotected equipment. Over days, months and even years, the damage builds up. Before long, you’re replacing equipment and spending unnecessary money. Surge protection is a reliable way to dampen electrical spikes and regain control over expenses.

Surge Protection Is a Low-Cost Solution

Think of AC surge protection as inexpensive insurance for very expensive equipment. Compared to the cost of equipment replacement, surge protection is a reliable, low-cost solution for a homeowner. Protecting the financial investment you made in your new AC system is worth the low cost.

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Try the Two-Layer Approach

Adding two layers of protection is a good way to build safety. First, hire a professional to internally wire surge protection on large appliances. Second, add power strips for smaller plug-in appliances. When purchasing the power strips, read the product information carefully. You want to choose power strips specifically designed for power surges. They may cost a bit more than a standard power strip, but the peace of mind is well worth the price.

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