3 Reasons To Use A Humidifier During Flu Season

There are simple steps that you can take to cut your risk of developing the flu virus. In fact, one of the most effective steps is simply having a humidifier in your home. Here are several ways that a humidifier can help protect you during flu season.

1. Humidity Kills Germs

Flu particles thrive the most when it is dry in the air. Those are the ideal conditions for the particles to remain in the air and not fall to the ground. However, fly germs begin to have difficulty when the air is heavier. In fact, humid air can kill up to 85 percent of the flu particles from the air. Humidity stifles both large and small germs. Through a humidifier, you can keep the humidity level in your home at the desired 40 to 60 percent range. This will make the life of a flu particle a whole lot more challenging.

2. Moisture Helps Your Nose

There are tiny hairs in your nose called cilia that are the first line of defense in your body against germs. When these small hairs are lubricated, they are even more effective. It is humidity that provides the cilia with this needed lubricant. The cilia will usually help the self-cleaning mechanism, but when the humidity drops below 35 percent, they will struggle to do their job.

3. It Relieves Congestion

When you’re struggling with a cough, your body is weaker and more vulnerable to developing the flu. Humidity literally helps you breathe easier, and the improved airflow in your lungs will ensure a quicker recovery from whatever your body is struggling to overcome. This will help increase your overall strength and reduce the risk that you can develop the flu. Humidity will help your immunity system work at peak efficiency.

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