Energy Efficiency Program

An energy-efficient home can save you money season after season.

Idaho Power and Intermountain Gas can help with a rebate program that will put cash in your pocket after you install energy efficient appliances.

Idaho Power has many incentives to help you save:

  • Ducted Air and Water-Source Heat Pumps: $250–$1,000
  • Ductless Heat Pumps: $750
  • Duct Sealing: $350
  • ECM Air Handler Motors: $50
  • Evaporative Coolers: $150
  • Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater: $300
  • Smart Thermostats: $75
  • Whole-house Fans: $200

Visit Idaho Power Heating and Cooling Efficiency Program for eligibility and program information.

Intermountain Gas For Whole Home

Example 1:Rebate Amount
Whole Home Tier 1$900
Tier I Tankless Water Heater$325
Smart Thermostat$100
Total Potential Rebate$1,325
Example 2:Rebate Amount
Whole Home Tier II$700
Smart Thermostat$100
Total Potential Rebate$800

Intermountain Gas For Appliances

RebateMinimum EfficiencyIncentive Amount
Combination Boiler for Space and Water Heat95% AFUE$800
Furnace95% AFUE$350
Boiler95% AFUE$800
Storage Water Heater.68 UEF$115
Tankless Water Heater Tier I.91 UEF$325
Tankless Water Heater Tier II.87 UEF$300
Smart ThermostatENERGY STAR® Certified$100

Summary of Eligibility Requirements

  • Available to residential customers of Intermountain Gas Company.
  • Rebate applications must be submitted and postmarked within 90 days of installation.
  • Fuel for the home’s heat and water heating needs must be exclusively provided by Intermountain Gas for applicable space heat and water heating rebates.
  • A heat pump must not be used for space heating, even if a natural gas furnace is utilized as backup. If a heat pump is installed in the home, it must be wired to the “Cool Only” setting.
  • Energy-savings equipment must meet the requirements of Intermountain Gas’ Energy Efficiency Rebate Program tariff and associated Terms and Conditions effective at the date the equipment was installed.
  • All equipment must be installed according to current code and approved by local or state inspection with the signed, approved permit attached to the newly installed equipment.
  • Intermountain Gas Company does not provide rebates for energy efficient equipment or upgrades already mandated by Idaho state code.
  • Rebates may be subject to change based on the most recently approved Energy Efficiency Rebate Program tariff offered by Intermountain Gas Company.
  • Energy Star® homes must be certified by an Energy Star verifier. Energy Star home rebate applications must be submitted and postmarked within 90 days following Energy Star verification.

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