8 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Upgrade Electric Panel in Meridian, ID

An electrical panel might not appear to be much, but it is among the most important components of your home. An electricity panel is in charge of providing comfort and convenience in the form of power. It provides power into your house and directs it to the regions that require it the most.

On the other hand, electrical panels are subject to technical developments and can quickly become obsolete. Appliances used now are more energy efficient than those used by earlier generations, yet homes still use far more energy than in prior years. This implies that your older home may not be able to meet your current electrical requirements. Here are several indicators that your electric panels need to be upgraded.

1. Breakers Trip Repeatedly

When a section of your home attempts to take too much electricity at once, the electrical panel trips. When this occurs, you must switch the relevant breaker to restore power. This may not necessarily indicate a problem. However, if you seem to be frequently flipping breakers, it’s probably time to get your breaker checked.

2. Flickering Lights

When you observe the lighting in your home flickering eerily, you may feel a sensation of impending doom. Flickering or fading lights, on the other hand, is just an indication that the electrical panel needs to be replaced. If you observe the lights flickering for the first time, it’s fine to wait a few times before taking action.

Flickering lights are frequently the consequence of a violent rainstorm or another power outage unrelated to your property’s electrical system. However, if you find your lights dimming or flickering on a frequent basis, you probably require a panel update.

3. Burning Smell

The smell of something burning is usually alarming. Act swiftly if the scent appears to be originating from the electrical panel. A faulty circuit breaker may rapidly start a home fire.

If you detect burning wood or plastic, it’s most likely the melting plastic casing of an electrical wire. If you smell timber, the problem is likely within your home’s walls.

An electrician will solve the problem if the odor is slight and eventually vanishes. However, if the odor is strong and you’re concerned that a fire has started, leave your house and contact 911.

4. Your Panel Does Not Utilize Breakers

Your house may contain a fused-based electrical system if it’s older. Fuses are obsolete and do not trip in the same way circuit breakers do. Electricians employed the fuse-based approach when households did not consume as much energy as they do now. It’s not safe to employ a fuse-based system; instead, have an electrical expert set up a circuit breaker system. If you still have a fuse-based electrical system, you should replace it with a circuit breaker panel.

5. Warm or Hot Panel

When an electric panel is operating correctly, it should not emit any heat, unlike a laptop or bulbs. Place your palm gently on the panel’s edge. If you feel any warmth emanating from the panel, this indicates that it’s either faulty or is too tiny for your home’s electrical demand.

You may also detect a hot odor, which might be a symptom of defective wiring. If you feel any warmth on or near the electric panel, contact your electrician immediately since there is a risk of fire or sparks.

6. Adding Additional Appliances

When installing a new appliance, you may accidentally ignore the electrical panel. While buying a new coffee maker is unlikely to have any influence on your power system, installing a new bathtub or a modern dryer and washer might have a significant impact. The same is true when adding a bathroom or bedroom to your house. You should factor in the price of a new circuit breaker panel while calculating the price of new appliances.

7. Excessive Use of Power Strips

A few power strips in your household isn’t a major concern, but too many power strips or extension cables might overload your power system and the panel. If you find yourself using lots of extension cables, it may be appropriate to consider a panel update to assist with the number of appliances you have in your house.

8. You’re Preparing for a Renovation

We’ve previously discussed upgrading your outdated electrical panel. However, while upgrading your house, it’s nearly certain that you’ll need to upgrade your breaker while you update other aspects of your home’s power system.

Replacing outdated wiring and intersection boxes might turn out to be a good move. You’ll have a safer, more efficient electrical system that increases your home’s resale value.

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