Air Conditioners – Old vs. New

If you’ve had an air conditioner in your home for over 10 years and it still works fine, you may not have examined the possibility of replacing it. However, technological advancements have made new models significantly better. The savings you could be enjoying from changing your AC unit are significant. Here are four benefits that a new air conditioner provides over an older unit.

1. Savings

Depending on what the SEER rating of your old air conditioner is, energy savings from getting a new unit installed can be too big to ignore. For instance, if your old AC has a SEER rating of 10, installing a new air conditioner with a rating of 20 can cut down energy consumption by 50 percent. Savings of this magnitude more than justify paying a premium for a new AC.

2. Eco Friendliness

Old air conditioners use freon as refrigerant whereas newer models have switched over to the more ecological option of R410A. Government regulations are requiring AC producers to make this move in an effort to reduce the impact air conditioners have on the environment. An added benefit of this change in the refrigerant is that overheating of the appliance is reduced. This makes it less likely to break down, thus providing greater longevity and reliability while cutting down on repair expenses.

3. Noise Levels

New air conditioners are less noisy than older models, a convenience that you will appreciate when trying to take a nap on a hot summer’s day. The noise produced can be as much as 20 percent less than your older AC, making it a task to distinguish whether the air conditioner is even on.

4. Functionality

Being able to control your air conditioner remotely from your mobile is one potential convenience of a new AC. You will also find that a contemporary air conditioner will distribute temperature evenly throughout your living space, providing added comfort and energy savings.

Don’t put off replacing an old AC because it is costing you money. If you are in the Meridian, Idaho, area, contact [company_name] today to find an air conditioner that fits your needs. We will help you take advantage of the energy savings, and we can cover all your AC repair needs.