Home Air Purification for the Smokey Summer Season

Air Quality in Meridian, ID

As smoky air drifts into our area each summer, many people experience symptoms like itchy eyes, respiratory challenges, allergies and sinus problems, headaches and much more. These concerns follow them indoors, where smoke in the air lingers as well. Outdoors, experts have suggested solutions as radical as wearing N95 masks as well as using eye drops and taking medications.

Indoors, we have more options for whole-house indoor air quality management, especially for homes with central AC and a comprehensive ductwork system. There are smoke solutions for ductless mini-splits, too. If you’ve been running single-room air filters and other limited solutions, you might be feeling that you’re fighting a losing battle when smoke rolls into town. You don’t have to cut back on HVAC air circulation to avoid spreading smoke particles in your home’s air. With the proper air purification for smoke, your AC system can work for you and clear the air.

Targeting Better Indoor Air Quality with a Technology-Based Approach

Since wildfire smoke is such a common problem throughout the country these days and air pollution a long-term challenge, home air quality technologies have advanced in response. Air purification systems for smoke as well as other pollutants and irritants are available that target particular indoor air quality problems. At [company_name], we offer systems from major brands that even handle elusive problems like indoor ozone levels, which are a significant concern in many cities and can’t be filtered out, even by HEPA filters.

HEPA filters are known for their sub-micron filtration of particles from the air. Air purification systems also attract and remove rather than filter airborne contaminants, using electrostatic fields and other methods. There are objective ways to measure air purification and filtration performance, such as the MERV rating scale for air filtration. Air quality monitors for smart home systems help you track your current situation as well. Our air purification experts can provide the latest information on these technologies for your home.

Smoke-Specific Air Purification Solutions

When you turn to our HVAC professionals for air purification to remove airborne smoke particles in your home, you get a professional solution. We can provide a range of excellent solutions including high-end hospital quality systems that address problematic indoor air pollutants including particles, vapors such as VOCs and other chemicals and odors, even ozone which can actually be a harmful by-product of some air purifiers. Our MERV 16 filtration offers very restrictive HVAC filtration that removes smoke and other particles from the air.

MERV ratings indicate the restrictiveness of air filters, removing increasingly small particulates as the rating number increases. Airflow in your home’s ductwork can be affected by this extremely effective filtration, so it’s important to have our HVAC professionals evaluate and balance your overall system performance. ASHRAE, an organization of HVAC and refrigeration engineers, suggests that MERV-13 and above can be part of an emergency response plan for airborne contaminants in non-medical environments, including smoke and viral concerns.

The Advantages of Whole-House Air Purification

In addition to having a single air purification unit to maintain that benefits the entire house, HVAC air purification has a major benefit over individual units: airflow. Your home’s HVAC system, ducts, vents, and air intakes, should be providing balanced airflow in each room. This avoids hot and cold spots, and also distributes quality air evenly throughout each space.

What About Ductless HVAC Systems and Smoke?

If your air circulates within a room via a ductless mini-split head, there are several filter solutions that can help with smoke and other concerns. Carbon filters, PM2.5 filters using material also found in certain types of masks, and catchin filters made from green tea provide filtration that can help with smoke. Our indoor air quality team can set you up with a solution that’s right for your rooms, including nurseries, home offices, and other separately cooled spaces.

Thinking About Your Home’s Overall Indoor Air Quality Picture

For many homeowners, the effect of airborne smoke on their family raises awareness that indoor air quality matters. Airborne chemicals, microbes and mold spores, pet dander and other particles are ongoing concerns that our systems can handle. Humidity management also helps with comfort and limits the circulation of dust, smoke, and other particles in dry air. Our team at [company_name] targets your family’s specific indoor air quality needs.

From COPD, allergies, and asthma, to eye irritation and other concerns, air purification can provide relief. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about protecting you and your home from the effects of smoke on your indoor air quality!