Are Ductless Systems Energy Efficient?

There are many reasons to consider a ductless system for your Meridian, Idaho home. Also known as ductless mini-splits and ductless heat pumps, these units easy to install, easy to maintain, and capable of providing reliable service all year long. More importantly, they’re incredibly efficient. Read on to find out how a ductless system can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and home energy bill.

A Heat Pump Uses Less Energy Than It Produces

The efficiency of furnaces and boilers is measured according to how much of the fuel they consume produces heat. For instance, high-efficiency boilers and furnaces can convert over 97 percent of the fuel they consume into heat. The remainder is wasted due to incomplete combustion. Sadly, many Meridian homes have only medium-efficiency furnaces that convert about 80 to 83 percent of their fuel into heat energy.

Comparatively, ductless heat pumps don’t combust any fuel at all. Although they require a constant electrical supply, electricity merely powers their operations. Rather than burning natural gas or heating oil to produce heat, they simply transfer it.

In winter, these units can collect heat from outdoors and move it inside even when the outdoor environment is much colder than the temperatures set at their thermostats. This waste-free heat transfer process is currently the most efficient way to heat a home. It’s estimated that some heat pumps are over three times more efficient than even the very best residential furnace or boiler that money can buy.

Say Goodbye to Ductwork and Duct-Related Heat Loss

Aging, damaged, and uninsulated ductwork accounts for almost half of the average household’s heat-related energy waste. Even if you have a high-efficiency furnace installed, you can still pay a veritable fortune on your home heating bills if much of your furnace’s heat is deposited behind your walls.

Ductless systems bypass the need for HVAC ductwork altogether. A single outside condenser is connected to several separate air handlers throughout the home. When hot air gets transferred into any room or zone, none of its heat is lost along the way. Best of all, eliminating ductwork from your home’s primary heating plan can result in significantly higher indoor air quality. After all, your heated air won’t travel through a series of dusty, debris-covered ducts before reaching you.

Our Heat Pumps Retain Their Efficiency in Extreme Winter Conditions

One of the main drawbacks of both full-size, standard heat pumps and ductless mini-split heat pumps is that they often struggle to do their job in areas with frigid winters. Some heat pumps have difficulty sourcing enough heat to run at optimum levels as soon as outside temperatures reach or fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. They might continue to run, but their efficiency levels decline, and they struggle to warm building interiors. This is a definite concern for Meridian residents, given that the average winter low in Meridian is just 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, our heat pumps aren’t subject to this frustrating limitation. We offer high-efficiency, variable-speed, variable-capacity heat pumps that maintain efficiency and performance in extremely cold conditions. Thus, you can install a ductless heat pump as your primary heating solution, and you can still enjoy reliable heat on even the coldest days of the year.

Ductless Systems Provide Efficient Summertime Cooling Too

When warmer temperatures come rolling in, the functions of a ductless system can be reversed. This way, your ductless mini-split will collect warm air from outdoors and deliver a steady stream of cool air inside. It’s the same heat transfer process used during winter, and it offers the same efficiency level.

Customized Heating and Cooling

Even how ductless mini-split systems are set up contributes to their efficiency. While central heating and cooling systems are designed to heat and cool entire homes uniformly, a ductless system can selectively raise or lower temperatures in the areas of your choosing. Given that each zone or room will have its air handler and thermostat, you can save money on warming or cooling spaces that no one uses.

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