Can You Increase Your Home Value With HVAC Updates?

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There are several ways to increase your property’s value. While many people often opt for kitchen or bathroom renovations, did you know you can also up the value by updating your HVAC system? If you wish to learn more about what type of renovations this entails, keep reading.

Why Upgrade Your Home?

Your home is more than a structure to house your family. It’s also an incredibly useful investment. Taking care of the house ensures that it will last a lifetime. But let’s say you envision yourself somewhere else throughout retirement. You can see a return on your investment should you choose to put your home on the market.

This is the reason renovations are crucial. Keep up with the home and you’ll be grateful you did down the line. However, if you’re looking to place your home on the market ASAP, you don’t need to burden yourself with every home improvement project in the books — keeping it simple with these HVAC projects is a smart and efficient way to get more bang for your buck.

HVAC Updates to Increase Your Home’s Value

There are a handful of specific updates you can make to your HVAC system to increase your home’s value with less effort than home renovations. Let’s break it down.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Chances are you have a smartphone you keep with you throughout the day. If you’ve ever wished you could use it to control your air conditioner… you can. Smart thermostats use your home’s WiFi signal to allow you to control them from anywhere you have a connection. Whether you forget to adjust your thermostat’s temperature before heading to work or you find out there’s inclement weather while you’re out of town, smart thermostats let you hop online and change settings right away.

Some smart thermostats can even learn your routines and modify your air conditioner’s settings to match them and conserve as much energy as possible while keeping you comfortable. You generally have more control over your thermostat’s programs than with conventional programmable units, and many of them have built-in eco settings that can kick in to protect your overall HVAC system while keeping your home livable in the case of a heat wave or cold snap.

Upgrade the Filtration System to Improve the Air Quality

You spend a lot of time indoors; even if you’re not at home for the majority of the day, you still probably stay at home to sleep. Since that’s likely the case, consider investing in filtration systems that clean your indoor air, removing pollutants, allergens, and other contaminants. This can reduce the severity of seasonal allergies and even help with asthma symptoms. Better indoor air quality is good for your health as a whole, and purifiers and filtration systems are concrete items you can point at to show your home’s value increasing.

Zones, Zones, Zones

Zoning systems are another highly sought-after upgrade. They give you finer control over your air conditioner; instead of choosing a single temperature for the whole home, you’re able to control the zones individually. If one area in your home tends to be hotter than the others, you can focus your air conditioner’s efforts there.

Similarly, if you’re only in a specific room during the day, you can have the zoning system keep it at a higher temperature in the evenings when you’re not actually using it. From cooling a crowded room more during a party to keeping your bedroom warmer when you’re not sleeping, zoning systems have a variety of uses. They also help with energy efficiency, as you’re not heating or cooling your entire house whenever you change the settings on your thermostat.

Replace Your Old HVAC System

Lastly, you can always swap out your entire HVAC unit for a newer one. While this can seem like a hefty upfront investment, it’s really one of the best ways to drive up the value of your home. Newer units are often more energy-efficient than older ones, and energy efficiency is pretty much always something that potential home buyers have an eye toward.

It also lets potential buyers rest easy knowing they won’t have to shell out for a new air conditioner just a few months into owning their new home. With a less frequent need for repairs, better energy efficiency, and a longer lifespan, a new AC might be just the thing you need to eke out more value for your home.

Wrapping Up on HVAC Upgrades

Increasing your home’s value doesn’t have to be as difficult as full renovations; sometimes, all it takes is a few HVAC upgrades. If you want to learn more or you need help with your current home’s AC, look no further than [company_name]. From heating repair to cooling maintenance, home rewiring to electric vehicle charging stations, [company_name] has plenty to offer residents of Meridian, ID and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today!