Enjoy the Many Benefits of a Modern Mini-Split System

When it comes to cooling your home, mini-split systems are gaining in popularity. [company_name] finds that Boise, Idaho homeowners love these smaller designed units that allow them to enjoy the many benefits of zone cooling, which can save them money. If you are looking for a way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, consider the benefits of a mini-split system.

A Small Size With Flexible Zoning

Mini-split systems allow you to experience flexibility with cooling each room. You no longer have to keep the entire house at one set temperature. There are many brands and models available. No matter which one you choose, it will come with an exterior compressor and several indoor air distributing units. It can include as many as four indoor distributing units connected to only one outdoor compressor. Each indoor unit has its own thermostat, which makes it easy to control the temperature of each area independently of the others.

Easy to Install

Your mini-split system is easy to install. We can connect your indoor components to the exterior compressor with a conduit that fits through a small three-inch hole in the wall. The best part is that the conduit is available in lengths up to 50 feet. This means you can have the outdoor unit discreetly placed at the back of the house where it won’t interfere with your curb appeal and will still be able to cool the front rooms effectively.

Energy Efficient

Mini-split systems do not require any type of ductwork. You can experience up to a 30% energy loss when cool air escapes from the ductwork of a traditional cooling system as it travels to each room. Besides not wasting energy, you can control the temperature of each zone separately means that you can keep the rooms you use most often cooler without paying to cool unused areas of the house.

Cost Effective

Our affordable mini-spit systems allow you to control each zone separately. Since you can keep some rooms warmer than others, your monthly energy bill will be lower. You can also choose to have us only install one or two of the interior distributing units in order to save even more.

A Modern Interior Design

Wall units and window ACs can be an eyesore in interior design, and the vents needed for ductwork can limit you with home decor. A mini-split system eliminates this problem. The interior units can be hung on the wall or hang from the ceiling where it is out of the way, or they can be housed in a floor unit that can be easily moved. The interior components are only seven inches deep, and they come with attractive finishes that will blend into your rooms nicely.

Less Noise

The constant noise created by traditional cooling systems can get on your nerves after several months of warm weather. Mini-split systems are much quieter. This means a more relaxing atmosphere within your home.

New models are even quieter than older mini-split designs. Older models were often loud, but today’s versions use fans that run at lower speeds while still effectively cooling your home. While there is still a quiet hum, the result is a much better sleep at night, and you no longer have to shout over that constant background noise.

Keep Your Home Secure

Keeping your home, as well as you and your family, safe is a priority. Traditional AC units were placed in the window or mounted into a large hole in the wall. This can easily allow intruders to find access to your house. All they need to do is remove the AC, and they have more than enough room to enter your home.

Mini-split systems only require a small three-inch hole for the conduit to go through. This means that your windows can remain shut and locked, and you won’t be cutting large holes into the walls.

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