How To Prevent Bugs from Coming Through Air Conditioning

Bugs in AC System in Meridian, ID

Of all the uninvited guests that you’ve hosted in your home, insects are likely your least favorite. Countless consumers throughout Meridian and McCall, Idaho, contend with these pests during the hottest portion of the year. For insects, air conditioners provide easy access to potable water, nighttime warmth, and indoor cooling. The good news is that there are five easy ways to keep bugs out while still enjoying your air conditioner.

1. Start by Inspecting Your AC Condenser

The AC condenser outside of your home is a prime entrance for insects. After all, there’s always plenty of moisture here because of all the condensation. This both acts as a source of sustenance and creates an ideal space for breeding. Step outside and check this component for holes or cracks. Where openings exist, close them up with concrete or caulk. This is important to do even in areas where cracks and holes are small. These tiny openings still represent viable entrances for pests.

2. Stay on Top of Landscape Maintenance

Rambunctious shrubs, trees, and other foliage can definitely be problematic when it comes to keeping pests out of your air conditioner. You never want to let branches or other natural protrusions grow too close to the condenser. This outside component should ideally have 2 to 3 feet of clearance on all sides. This will allow for good ventilation. It will also ensure that insects living on nearby branches or fences don’t have an easy way in. Once you’ve optimized clearance, set a schedule for regularly clearing away low-hanging branches and other natural, growing elements that routinely encroach upon this space. Never keep trash cans, lawn clippings, or woodpiles in this area. If organic debris like tree leaves and twigs are a constant problem in this space, consider using non-living landscaping elements such as decorative rocks or artificial turf as part of your outdoor decor.

3. Minimize the Risk of Infestations by Cleaning Your Rooftop Drainage System

Damp, organic debris can collect in your gutters and downspouts during the spring and fall. If it isn’t cleared out periodically, especially before summer hits, you’ll likely have an insect problem on your property. Wet clumps of leaves that have a hard time drying out in these spaces can attract ants, mosquitoes, beetles, and many other bugs. Sadly, most people don’t think about cleaning out their gutters and downspouts until just before the rainy season arrives. Although dirty downspouts and gutters can certainly be attractive to pests, it won’t be long before these bugs are looking for ways to actually get into your home.

4. Identify and Resolve Water Leaks

Most bugs are always on the hunt for water, especially when it gets hot. Damp areas are ideal for bugs like cockroaches, ants, and mosquitoes. Always be on the lookout for water leaks and pooling water near the home. Once these problems are found, identify their source and fix the issue as soon as possible. If your condenser is leaking, schedule AC maintenance right away.

5. Schedule an Air Conditioner Tune-up

Whether your condenser has leaks, cracks, holes, and clearance issues or not, scheduling an AC system tune-up before the start of summer is important. The benefits of doing so extend far beyond pest control. This is the best way to ensure reliable, efficient operation all throughout the hot season.

During this visit, your provider can look for areas of possible ingress all throughout the system. While the air conditioner condenser is one very common way for bugs to enter, they can also gain access through small, unsealed holes in exterior walls, the ductwork, and the return vents. The risk of insect infestation also exists with ductless mini-split air conditioners. With a full system inspection, you can get a multi-pronged and needs-specific prevention plan for keeping bugs at bay.

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