How To Stay Cool If Your AC Breaks

We generally rely on our AC units to keep us cool in the summer. Unfortunately, things do eventually malfunction, and they sometimes break at the worst possible time. If it’s hot and you’re stuck waiting on AC repairs, you should consider some other ways to beat the heat. Here are several methods of staying cool this summer if your AC fails you and the repairs haven’t been completed yet.

Cool Drinks and Cool Foods

The things you put into your body help control your body’s temperature. If you are already hot, you don’t want to consume soup or hot tea. This will only make you feel warmer. Instead, focus on cool foods and drinks. You also want to ingest items that contain plenty of water to help you stay hydrated. Some great options include popsicles, iced tea, fruit and vegetables. These will keep you cool and replenish the water you lose from sweating.

Play in the Water

One of the best ways to cool off is to get into the water. If you have a pool or a public pool nearby, that’s a great place to go and relax. You can also just run through the sprinkler. However, as you play in the water outside, make sure to put sunscreen on everyone. Sun damage can cause a burn, dry skin, wrinkles and even cancer. If you have no way to play in the water outdoors, take a cold shower when the heat is getting to you.

Use Your Fans

If your AC is broken, simply turn the fans on. Use both ceiling fans and the stand-alone ones you might have buried somewhere in storage. These fans may not be able to cool off your entire home, but they will benefit off the immediate area they’re in. There are a number of reasons to use fans in your home. Not only will they help keep you cooler, but they’ll also use less energy than an air conditioner. This means less pollution being put out into the world and a cheaper utility bill.

Utilize the Curtains

The curtains in your residence aren’t just for style and privacy. They may keep other people from seeing into your home, but they also keep the sun’s heat out. If you want to keep your home cool, you should close the curtains to prevent it from turning into a solar oven. There are a number of different types of curtains specifically designed to increase efficiency.

Rely on Light Clothing and Bedding

The clothes you wear when you are hot can make a big difference in how comfortable you feel. You should choose clothing made of a light fabric, and what you put on should be loose and comfortable. Beyond that, you should select light bedding, too. When you have cool clothes and sheets, your body will be able to breathe. You can also simply wear less. This is the time to relax in a bathing suit or shorts and a tank top.

Avoid Cooking

Obviously, cooking generates heat. This heat will only make a bad situation worse. Of course, you’ll still need to eat, so what should you do? Try eating foods that you don’t need to cook. These include cold sandwiches and salads. If you don’t have the ingredients for these, you can grill outdoors. At least, the heat you generate will be outside the house. Alternatively, you can order in. That way, you can get some hot food without having to turn the oven on.

Use Ice

If you are extremely hot, try using ice and ice packs to keep yourself cool. You can chew on ice throughout the day, or you can apply it to the skin. Because it can be uncomfortable to hold for long in your bare hand, you can wrap it in a cloth. Place the ice pack against your body where you are sweating the most.

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