Should You Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

Furnace Maintenance in Meridian, ID

A furnace is a major appliance investment that homeowners only want to make very few times during their lifetime. Whether your home doesn’t feel as warm during the winter as it used to or your furnace is making some unusual noises lately, you might be wondering if replacing the unit entirely or doing some repairs is the better move. Ultimately, you should consult with an HVAC technician for professional guidance. Keep reading to learn some factors to help you make your determination.

Frequency of Repairs

A constant need for repairs is one sign that you should investigate when considering a total furnace replacement. If you’re constantly scheduling repairs, you might infrequently be able to enjoy the benefits of the furnace. Also, some people avoid replacement because of the costs associated with this option. However, constantly putting money into repairs is expensive. A furnace replacement can save you money in the long term.

Cost of the Repairs

When you call a licensed technician to your home, you can get price quotes for both repairs and a total replacement. Evaluate and compare the two quotes when making your decision. If the price of the repairs is close to a total replacement, you are typically going to be better off spending the extra money to have a new system installed.

Age of the Furnace

Factor the age of your furnace into your decision as well. An older furnace may need replacement soon anyway. Instead of continuing to put money into a furnace system that you might have to replace soon in an emergency, you could simply put those funds toward a replacement now. An older furnace might be lacking in newer features that a new replacement can offer.

Energy Efficient

One potential issue with an old furnace is that it might not be energy efficient. A newer furnace will typically be more energy efficient. If your furnace isn’t energy efficient, then you are likely wasting unnecessary money on heating bills each month. In this case, a replacement can also lead to long-term savings. While you’ll need to put the money toward the replacement now, you can see the savings with your monthly bills over a period.

Safety Hazards

Consider whether your current furnace is causing safety hazards in your home. For example, your furnace might be leaking carbon monoxide. This issue is not one to take lightly. Getting repairs completed might simply cover up the problem for a short while. If your furnace poses a risk to the health and safety of you and your family, opt for a replacement instead of repairs.


If you’re planning to move soon, you must evaluate whether the costs of repair or replacement make the most sense for the sale of the house. Of course, if safety issues exist, replacement is still the best option. In other cases, consider how much more of a profit you could make by replacing the system. If a replacement is unlikely to have much of an effect on the sales price of the house, you may want to opt for repairs instead.

Professional Guidance

Ultimately, you are the one who must decide if you should repair or replace the furnace. However, you can ask the technician who comes to evaluate the system for guidance. The technician’s professional expertise can help you to decide if a total replacement is worth it or if your furnace still has a few productive and safe years left in it. If you choose repairs, you can also ask the technician about ways to get the most out of your furnace to increase its lifespan.

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