Signs That Your AC Motor Needs Repairs

One of the most common issues HVAC technicians encounter when they’re called in to do repairs is malfunctioning air conditioning unit motors. Your air conditioner has a fan that’s designed to keep its compressor from overheating, and that fan is operated by an electrical motor. When that fan stops working properly, the refrigerant circulating through the compressor can’t cool your home or office adequately. The blower fan also operates by means of an electrical motor. When that motor breaks down, your blower can’t circulate cool air. Here are some warning signs that indicate your AC motor isn’t functioning optimally.

AC Won’t Start

You’ll have this problem if you turn your thermostat to the setting that should jump-start your air conditioning system but nothing happens. Your AC motor could be the culprit.

AC Shuts Off Suddenly

Electrical motors will shut off when they begin to overheat. This is a safety feature that’s built into the motor. Other things such as fraying cords or a shorted capacitor can cause a motor to turn off suddenly, too. This issue will not fix itself on its own. If you notice that your air conditioner shuts down after running well for a short period of time, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to call your HVAC repair company.

Grinding or Screeching Sounds

Grinding, whining and screeching sounds often indicate a damaged belt in your air conditioning unit’s motor. You’ll need to contact an HVAC contractor to replace the belt before it breaks completely.

AC Blows Warm Air

If your air conditioning unit is operating, but the air coming out of it is warm, chances are your blower fan isn’t functioning properly. This is often due to a compromised blower fan motor.

Reliable Meridian AC Motor Repairs

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