Symptoms of a Dirty Coil

At [company_name], we provide the reliable HVAC services you need to make your home more energy efficient. We’re always stressing the importance of maintaining a clean HVAC system. That includes maintaining a clean evaporator coil. If you’re unsure of whether you have a dirty coil, keep an eye out for the following symptoms.

Your Home Stays Warm Despite Running the Air Conditioner

Not all air conditioning malfunctions result in a sudden stop in operation. Many problems lead to a slow and steady decline. If you’ve discovered that your air conditioner has become less effective at cooling, a dirty coil may be the underlying problem. When dust and debris are allowed to build up on an evaporator coil, the coil becomes less effective at drawing heat from the air. As a result, the air that circulates into your home through the air conditioner will be warmer than usual. When your air conditioner no longer blows cold, we recommend the following:

  • Evaporator coil cleaning service
  • Air filter cleaning/replacement service
  • Duct cleaning

Your Air Conditioner Oil Freezes

Condensation accumulates on your evaporator coil when the coil is no longer able to draw heat from the air due to built up dust and debris. That condensation may freeze on your evaporator coil. At the first sign of a frozen coil, power your air conditioner off immediately to avoid further damage. You’ll likely need a professional technician to address the problem.

Your Trusted HVAC Specialists

Our licensed, talented technicians are available to provide service to homes and businesses in Meridian, McCall and the surrounding areas. In addition to offering routine HVAC cleaning services, our technicians handle jobs related to installations, repairs and general air quality improvement.

To learn more about how we can help you heat and cool your home affordably and efficiently, give us a call today. Our talented team in Meridian will respond promptly to your request. To keep our services accessible, we offer financing.