The 5 Common Causes For Water Damage

As a homeowner, you need to be aware of all the possible things to protect your home against. Storm damage, earthquake damage, wind damage – and, most frequent of all, water damage.

We don’t like to think of our homes being ravaged by the elements, but it happens, and when it does, we need to be prepared.

Instead of being reactive, we can try taking proactive steps to safeguard our homes and protect our belongings (plus save a bunch on costs).

Below, we outline the five most common causes of water damage in your home in the hopes that this information will help you avoid damage to your home.

1. Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner might seem to be working just fine, but it’s important to adhere to regular service dates (at least once each year) to ensure nothing is malfunctioning behind the scenes.

Your A/C removes moisture from the air, and sometimes that moisture builds up within the A/C itself.

If not properly drained, that water could be slowly leaking into your home – potentially ruining the flooring and drywall and, in many cases, introducing mold.

2. Dishwasher

Dishwashers are another possible culprit of water damage in your home. Your dishwasher can cause water damage if not properly sealed, meaning that the latch is broken, or if it was loaded with the wrong soap.

Make sure that any leaks are immediately addressed and that your dishwasher is repaired or replaced ASAP, so you can avoid costly water damage repairs to your kitchen.

3. Washing Machine

Perform regular checks on your washing machine, inspecting beneath the unit as well as behind it.

Make sure all fittings are securely connected, and that the underbelly of the washing machine isn’t leaking any water beneath the unit.

If you have an older washing machine that gives you frequent issues, consider replacing it altogether.

4. Leaking Pipes

It might seem obvious, but water damage in the home is often caused by leaky pipes.

Let’s pretend that you have a loose-fitting pipe under the kitchen sink or in the bathroom, and you’ve just recently noticed water pooling in that area.

Don’t wait to call a plumber – a leak in one place in your home could signify leaks in other areas, too.

If you notice spikes in your water bill, a leak is likely present and needs to be addressed before additional damage is caused to your landscaping, foundation, flooring, or other areas of the home.

5. Clogged Drains

Clogged drains aren’t just annoying, they also cause water damage (and mold growth) if left unchecked.

If your toilet is clogged, it means that not only can you not use the toilet, but you will likely also experience water backing up into the shower, sinks, or bathroom floor.

Sewer water is extremely dangerous because it contains raw sewage and bacteria, and must be cleaned up by a professional.

If your kitchen sink drain is backing up, you can experience sink overflow and subsequent damages to your kitchen flooring and cabinetry.

Make sure to seek professional help when experiencing frequent drain clogs so you don’t have to deal with water damage to your home on top of the clog itself.

So there you have it: the top five causes of interior water damage. By knowing the most common causes of home water damage, you’ll be able to take preventative steps to avoid them. 

But what if it’s too late for prevention? Our home water damage restoration team offers service throughout the Seattle area, so you’ll always be in good hands. 

When it comes to damage from water, the often-squishy Pacific Northwest is an area that has more residents and business owners looking for quality water restoration services.

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PureDry Restoration offers an ideal choice in local repair for damages from water.

When you choose us, you experience the best in water restoration. When other companies simply sub the work out to other construction contractors, you can always depend on us from start to finish.

Whether you’ve discovered flooding from a broken or leaky pipe, damage from frozen pipes, a sewer line break, a sink or toilet overflow, basement damage, warped hardwood floors, or a malfunctioning appliance like a water heater, washing machine, dishwasher or refrigerator in your home, our professional team at PureDry® Restoration can remove any damaged materials.

No matter how big your flood damage may be, we have an effective option for you.


Once our team at PureDry® Restoration arrives, we can handle the more difficult water removal tasks.

Mitigating water damage requires trained specialists who know how to address all potential consequences and repercussions.

Our water damage restoration process includes the following steps:

  • Carry out an initial inspection. We will look at the source of water intrusion and analyze the damage using our moisture detection advanced equipment. Sometimes water damage occurs in places that you can’t see. During our initial inspection we will also discuss with you our findings and the recommended fix.
  • Mitigate further damage. We will thoroughly dry the area and clean it up, to avoid as much extensive damage as possible. We want to protect your property and personal belongings as much as we can.
  • Control moisture intrusion. Our team of experts is ready to find the source of water damage. They will then proceed to control and correct the water intrusion.
  • Control the spread of contaminants. The certified technicians at Restoration 1 will thoroughly clean and dry the damaged area as fast and as effectively as possible. The team will bring the most advanced tools and equipment, like a thermo-hygrometer, to get the job done.
  • Dehumidify and ventilate. This is imperative to prevent possible mold growth and/or secondary water damage.
  • Complete a final inspection. Once the area has been cleaned, dried and ventilated, the team can carry out a final inspection to make sure nothing was missed.
  • Repair and restore the property, as needed. We will complete any repairs needed to take your property back to its pre-damage state.

Throughout every step of the process, we handle your belongings with utmost care.

We go to great lengths to ensure mold is not an issue after restoration and that your indoor air quality is top-notch.

Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a flood, a plumbing leak, or other disaster, call PureDry Restoration for any water damage restoration services you may need!

It is our mission to provide the best customer service experience, be on-time, and to assist our clients through the entire insurance claims process to ensure their homes are left clean, healthy & restored.

You can Trust us at PureDry® Restoration in the Seattle area to help.