Tips for Maintaining Great Indoor Air Quality

Having poor air quality in your home can create a variety of health problems. Indoor pollution can build up and have no place to escape. Particulates, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds can also circulate in your home and cause you to get sick. A-1 Heating Air Conditioning & Electric believes that there are a variety of ways to deal with poor indoor air quality in an easy and affordable manner.

Keep Pollutants Out

Keeping dirt and dust from entering your home can improve the quality of the air. Have a large doormat where you and your guests can wipe their feet before entering. Taking shoes off entirely can prevent harmful debris from the outside from ever getting into your home.

Install an Air Filter

There are a variety of air filters that you can get installed in your home. Having a professional explain your options can help you make an informed decision.

Have Houseplants

Keeping house plants in each room can actually remove harmful chemicals from the air and release fresh oxygen. Specific plants, such as bamboo, are good at performing natural air filtration.

Keep Your Ducts Clean

A dirty duct system can trap particulates and bacteria and release them into the air. Getting regular duct cleaning can ensure that there isn’t anything harmful hanging out in your duct system. Having clean air circulating around your home is important.

Keep Windows and Doors Open

Air quality in a home tends to decrease in the winter when windows and doors stay closed because of the cold. Opening windows for a little bit whenever possible can get fresh air into your home and get old and dirty air flushed out.

Trusted HVAC Professionals

A-1 Heating Air Conditioning & Electric is proud to be a locally owned and operated company in Meridian, ID. Our HVAC services, which include new construction HVAC builds, air quality solutions, and duct cleaning services, can keep your home safe, comfortable, and functional. We work hard to maintain our A+ rating from the BBB. To learn more about how we could serve your individual needs, give A-1 Heating Air Conditioning & Electric a call today.