Tips on Prepping for a Furnace Replacement at Your Home

Furnace Replacement in Meridian, ID

When the time comes to replace your existing furnace, it can be an exciting experience. The idea of getting a new system with brand-new features can help to put your mind at ease when it comes to worrying about wintertime breakdowns. To ensure that your new furniture replacement goes smoothly, here are some tips that you’ll want to follow.

Call for a Consultation

The first step in any furnace replacement is to contact a professional to pick out the furnace that you want to have installed. It’s a good idea to do some background research to figure out what specific features you’re looking for in a unit and the price range that you can afford.

A specialist will come out to your home and assess its physical needs and listen to what your specific needs are. Then, they’ll make a recommendation on the best system to meet your needs. Once you decide on the specific furnace that you want, they’ll be able to set up an installation date. Additionally, you’ll want to ask them about what you need to do prior to them coming to your home to ensure a smooth installation process. You also want to double-check about what you need to do with the old furnace.

Clean Up Your Home

Before your installation day, it’s a good idea to go ahead and clean up your home. You want to move any obstructions that are near the furnace. You want to clear out any route in and out of the house that your heating specialist will be using, especially when they’re moving the furnace in and out.

Your heating specialist is going to need access to your electrical panel box, as well as any fuel lines. It’s a good idea to clean up around these areas so that they can easily get to whatever they need.

Make Sure Everything Is Labeled

To make the installation process as easy as possible for your chosen heating specialist, you should have everything labeled. You want to look in your electrical panel box to ensure that the breaker connected to the furnace is properly labeled. Additionally, you’ll want to label any fuel lines that you have so that your specialist can ensure that they’re utilizing the correct lines.

Ensure You Have Fuel Available

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to run out of fuel at the end of the heating season. Most won’t worry about refilling the tank until it gets closer to the next winter. When you go to have a new furnace installed, it’s a good idea to make sure that their fuel is available in your system. This helps the heating specialist to test out your system and ensure that your new furnace is working optimally.

Put Pets and Children in a Safe Spot

While you might not really think about it until your heating specialist arrives, you need to have a space ready for your pets and children to keep them away from the work that is going on. Realize that it’s going to take probably a full day to get your new furnace installed, so you’ll want to pick a location where you can bring pets in and out of the house. Find activities for your children to do so that they’re not getting in the way of your heating specialists.

Plan to Be Available

While it may be tempting to schedule online meetings or phone calls while you’re at home during the installation process, that’s not a good idea. You want to plan to make sure that you’re going to be available for the entire time that your heating specialists are going to be at your home. The quicker that they can get an answer to the questions that they have, such as where your fuel line is located, the smoother your overall furnace replacement process is going to go.

Keep Your Driveway Clear

When your heating specialist comes to your home, it’s likely that they’re going to need to unload your new furnace in the driveway. It’s typically best to move all your cars out of the driveway to give the installation technicians space. You don’t want them having to try and maneuver around your vehicles as this creates an additional hazard that could lead to unintentional damage.

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