What to Do Before Turning on Your Furnace

After the warmer months come to an end, most people begin to rely on their furnaces to heat the interior settings to stay comfortable once there’s a change in the weather. Although the furnace may be in excellent condition, it still requires a bit of care and attention before you begin to use it each day. Here are a few steps to take before turning on your furnace this year.

1. Perform a Furnace Tune-Up

Hire a professional technician from [company_name] to perform a furnace tune-up on the appliance to ensure all of the parts are working correctly. We’ll send someone out to examine all of the parts and even to clean the components to extend their lifespans.

2. Check for Proper Clearance

There should be proper clearance around your furnace to prevent any of the hot air from being blocked, which can become a hazard. Make it a point to remove items around the base and sides to avoid obstructing any of the airflow. All flammable products should also be removed from the room to ensure there’s safe operation of the product.

3. Replace the Air Filter

The air filter is likely dirty and needs attention when you’re ready to begin using your furnace again. Allergens, pet hair, and debris can become clogged in the filter, which can affect how well the appliance operates when it’s in use. Continue replacing the air filter every one to two months, depending on how much you use the furnace.

4. Examine the Blower Belt

Consider examining the blower belt for cracks or additional signs of wear and tear that may be present. Gently press on the belt to ensure that it depresses slightly. Worn belts that are no longer in good condition should be replaced by removing the bolts.

Contact [company_name] today to learn more about steps to take before you begin to use your furnace again to heat your home.