What To Do If My Furnace Keeps Turning Off

If your furnace is constantly turning off and on, damage leading to costly repairs can happen over time. Taking immediate action will not only help you to stay warm, but it will also help save money. Try these few suggestions to keep your furnace from constantly turning off:

1. Make Sure All Heating Vents Are Open

Go around your home or business and open all of the heat vents. Make sure none are blocked. This will allow appropriate airflow through your heating system. You will not save money by closing vents.

When vents are closed, less air is circulated by the furnace’s blower. Less air circulation means less heat is absorbed from the furnace. Heat will start to build up in the heat exchanger. As a safety measure, the furnace turns off to keep the exchanger from failing.

Once the heat exchanger cools down, the furnace will restart. It will run until the heat exchanger overheats again. Over a period of time, the heat exchanger will be damaged and need replacing.

2. Make Sure the Air Filter Is Clean

A dirty air filter restricts the airflow into your furnace. Restricted airflow will also cause the heat exchanger to overheat, shutting down your furnace. Then the same scenario as described above will take place.

3. Make Sure Exhaust Pipe Is Free of Debris

Over the summer, your furnace’s exhaust pipe, or flue, can become filled with leaves and other debris. The heated air will not be able to escape and return to the furnace, causing it to overheat and shut off.

4. Make Sure Thermostat Is Working Properly

If your thermostat is malfunctioning, it will send incorrect information to your furnace’s controller. Observe it while your furnace is running. Watch for anything that seems out of the ordinary. Make sure that it has good batteries and that it is not located near a heat source.

5. Have a Technician Examine Your Furnace

Issues like faulty sensors and a dirty blower wheel can be causing your furnace to keep turning off. Skilled furnace technicians from [company_name] in Meridian, ID, can check your furnace for these issues and make sure components have not been compromised.

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