Which Electric Heating Systems are the Best?

Forced-air and water-based heating systems are common choices for many homeowners. In some locations of the U.S., however, installing electric heating equipment might make more sense. When electricity is a cheaper alternative than oil or gas, going electric is a welcome option. You may also want to choose electric over other fuel sources if you simply need to extend an existing forced-air system. Cutting into walls to add ductwork and registers in addition to paying for a larger heating unit can be costly. Adding on a smaller electric heater instead could have cost benefits.

You’ll find that there are many choices when it comes to selecting the best electric heating system for a home. If you’re still investigating what’s available for your floor plan, we can help you narrow the candidates. Our quick home heating guide for electric heating systems is packed with good information and budget-friendly alternatives.

Heat Pumps for Heating a Home

For many homeowners, heat pumps are a surprising addition when discussing electric heating systems. Heat pumps are a highly energy-efficient option when considering a replacement system for your home. These systems are designed to transfer heat rather than create heat. They operate by moving hot air into or out of the home depending on the season. While some heat pumps burn fuel, others only use electricity.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a heat pump has the capacity to reduce energy costs by as much as 50%. This number is stated in comparison to the use of common electric heating systems in most homes. Included in the comparison are electric resistance heating systems, such as baseboard heaters, radiant heating, and electric wall heaters.

Electric Furnaces for Residential Properties

When you think of a home furnace, you probably think about burning fuel to heat the air. While there are many oil and gas models to choose from, there are also electric furnaces to consider. For properties without a fuel line, an electric model is ideal. Putting in fuel lines can be cost-prohibitive in many communities. An electric system creates hot air using a blower that sends air across a heated element and into the home.

The major benefit of an electric furnace is the absence of a combustible fuel. Burning gas or oil creates carbon monoxide which is a poisonous gas. Electric furnaces don’t create this dangerous substance and don’t require extensive ventilation to operate safely. Your biggest worry with electric furnaces is replacing the filter regularly and keeping up with general maintenance.

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Electric Resistance Heating Systems

One of the most common electric heating options is the resistance system. It’s perfect for small areas that need to be heated periodically. Some of these systems operate only on electricity while others combine both electricity and a combustible fuel. Typically, a heating element is combined with a reflective element and a blower to heat air and deliver it into a room. Make sure you understand your installation needs when considering this type of heater for your home.

Some types of electric resistance heating systems can be wired right into your home’s electrical panel. Others may need to be wired to a generator to work. Here are some of the most common resistance heaters:

  • Baseboard heaters
  • Portable space heaters
  • Radiant heating equipment
  • Wall heaters

Don’t Forget the Insulation

When planning a heating system update or replacement, you’ll want to improve your insulation, too. Insulation helps prevent the warm air you’ve paid for from escaping. Remember, hot air rises and moves up through the walls and ceiling of your home. Making sure your attic space is properly insulated will keep your home warm and comfortable. If you like paying lower utility costs, updating your insulation is a solution that’s energy efficient and smart.

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