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At A-1 Heating Air Conditioning & Electric, we provide reliable HVAC and electrical repairs in Caldwell, ID and the surrounding communities. Since 1956, we’ve handled countless HVAC and electrical installations, upgrades, and repairs. We have an electrician who is available for homeowners who want to modernize their homes to support smart features, new appliances, and multi-layered lighting plans.

When outlets spark, light switches fail, and heating and cooling systems malfunction, we’re here for you. We’ve got you covered, from annual AC tune-ups to emergency furnace repairs to home EV charging stations!


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According to a report from NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), electrical malfunctions are responsible for roughly 440 civilian deaths every year. For that reason, homeowners must watch out for even the seemingly insignificant faults to avoid hazards.

Frayed wiring is not uncommon in many households, yet it can pose a significant fire hazard. Defective wires could be a result of rodents in your home chewing on the insulation. Sometimes it is the work of inexperienced handymen who damage the wire during installation.

There Are Several Reasons Why the Lights in Your Home May Start Dimming Intermittently:

Discolored switches usually indicate there is a problem with the circuit or the fixture. The fixture may feel warm to the touch and may cause electrical shocks. Changing the outlet may be enough to address the issue, but sometimes the problem is elsewhere on the circuit.

A circuit breaker tripping frequently is a sure sign that the electrical system is faulty. Regular tripping indicates that the circuit cannot support its load. You can consult an electrician for an assessment to enhance your safety and comfort.


At A-1 Heating Air Conditioning & Electric ‘s wire installation team in Caldwell, we are proud of our BBB A+ ratings. For the six decades we have been in business, our mission has been to be a dependable electrical system provider. We have won numerous awards, including Dave Lennox’s “Top 20 Dealer” in North America for seven years in a row, starting in 2011. We are also an Angi Super Service award winner. Our electricians have a reputation for diligence and professionalism. Our crew will arrive with all the necessary tools to complete the task effectively and on time.

We offer quality solutions at affordable rates. For prompt electrical services in Caldwell, you can consult our wire repair team today.