Wire Repair and Installation in Boise, IDA-1 Heating Air Conditioning & Electric is your go-to source for electrical wire repair in Boise, ID. When your home’s wiring is faulty, it can have an impact on your health and lifestyle. According to statistics, electrical malfunctions are among the top three causes of house fires after cooking and heating. A defective circuit could be a result of aging wires or substandard installation.

Our wire installation and repair experts in Boise can conduct an assessment to determine the exact cause of the problem. Our team is on N Linder Road, about a mile south of Tully Park.

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An aging circuit is another possible culprit of a defective electrical system. Older designs cannot handle the energy demands of a modern home. The wires may become worn out, exposing the metal part of the cable. As such, it raises the risk of a short circuit or an electrical fire.

Old houses built before 1973 will most probably require an update. Aging circuits often have aluminum wires. Even though aluminum wiring was popular initially, the material can increase the risk of house fires.

Aluminum wire is prone to breaking, stripping, and rusting, which could pose a hazard in your home. Call an electrician if you notice the following signs of circuit failure:
  • Flickering lights
  • Discoloration on outlets and switches
  • Smells of burning
  • A sudden rise in electrical bills
  • Frequently tripping circuit breaker

Sometimes, what your electrical circuit needs is an extra outlet. If you notice power fluctuations, you could be overloading some sockets. Flickering lights could occur when you try to draw more energy than the capacity of the circuit.

One sign is a reliance on extension cords to power several appliances. If that describes your experience, you may want to consider installing additional outlets. Overloading can increase the risk of a fire in your home. For your safety, you need to consult certified electricians as soon as possible.
Boise's Leading Wire Repair Solutions

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At A-1 Heating Air Conditioning & Electric, we strive to maintain the highest standards for wire repair services in Boise. We have been in business for more than six decades. Our crew has a reputation for consistently delivering outstanding results for all the projects we undertake. That’s why we are proud of our BBB accreditation with an A+ rating. We are also very involved in our local community and are proud supporters of the Boise State Broncos.

We offer emergency repair services to restore your electrical system and ensure your safety. You can expect our electricians to complete the task on time.

You can also take advantage of our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Call our electricians in Boise for more details.

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