What Areas in Your Home Need More Ventilation?

When you think about the air in your Meridian home, you probably think about things like temperature and humidity. At [company_name], we know there is more to home comfort than temperature alone. Without sufficient ventilation bringing fresh air into your rooms, there can be many kinds of irritants and impurities in the atmosphere. This is especially the case in places where volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are released. There are some places in your home that need an extra measure of ventilation.


The bathroom is a space where spray cleaners and beauty products are in use. Every time you spray these products, small amounts of chemicals are released into the air. This is the reason that many cleaners encourage users to open a window before spraying. A bathroom is also a place where moist air will encourage mold growth. An exhaust fan can be a big help in getting steam and VOCs out of your bathroom.


You can smell your food because small particles are released when it is cooking. This is especially the case when you are cooking with oil. Microdroplets will get into the air with every hiss and sputter in the frying pan. If the weather allows it, open a window to let fresh air into your kitchen. This will help remove lingering smells. Use an exhaust fan over the stove when cooking with oil so VOCs will be removed from the house.

Workroom or Garage

In most houses, there is a central place for storing paint, adhesives, and other household chemicals. These chemicals are some of the highest producers of VOCs in your home. Unfortunately, this storage area is often in a space without ventilation such as a basement or garage. If your workspace is in the garage, open the garage door when working with these products. If your space is in the basement, do what you can to let fresh air in, such as using a fan to vent air away.

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