How To Protect Your AC Unit From Wildfire Smoke

AC Fire Protection in Meridian, ID

Modern air conditioners serve several different functions. Although people value this equipment for keeping their living environments comfortably cool, air conditioners also help regulate indoor humidity and improve indoor air quality (IAQ). Best of all, you can continue using your air conditioner during wildfire season to minimize the impact that smoke has on your home. […]

How To Prevent Bugs from Coming Through Air Conditioning

Bugs in AC System in Meridian, ID

Of all the uninvited guests that you’ve hosted in your home, insects are likely your least favorite. Countless consumers throughout Meridian and McCall, Idaho, contend with these pests during the hottest portion of the year. For insects, air conditioners provide easy access to potable water, nighttime warmth, and indoor cooling. The good news is that […]

The Best Time to Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance

If you have an air conditioner, it is important that you keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Doing so can help to increase the component’s useful life as well as help it work at peak efficiency. When is the best time to schedule a maintenance appointment? Spring and Fall Are Slower Times of the […]