Home Air Purification for the Smokey Summer Season

Air Quality in Meridian, ID

As smoky air drifts into our area each summer, many people experience symptoms like itchy eyes, respiratory challenges, allergies and sinus problems, headaches and much more. These concerns follow them indoors, where smoke in the air lingers as well. Outdoors, experts have suggested solutions as radical as wearing N95 masks as well as using eye […]

Reasons Why Every Home Needs a Humidifier

Your home’s comfort level can have a major effect on your life. If your interior is too dry, your health and well-being could suffer. Humidifiers have proven to be useful in this matter for many decades. Here are a few of the top reasons to invest in a humidifier. 1. Keep the Skin and Hair […]

5 Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Most homeowners are always looking for new ways to save energy and reduce their energy bill each month. Smart thermostats are increasing in popularity because of their advanced technology. If you’re looking to improve the level of comfort in your home, there are a few benefits of installing a smart thermostat. 1. Save Energy One […]

How to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality in the Winter

During the winter season, most people don’t allow fresh air into their home due to the cold weather conditions outside. Unfortunately, your indoor air quality can suffer due to a lack of proper air flow or ventilation. If you want to improve your air quality in the winter season and breathe easier, then there are […]

Air Changes From Season to Season

As the weather gets cold, the air flow in your house will change. You may notice the home feels humid and there is the presence of more allergens. Most people don’t want to deal with the indoor air quality they experience during the wintertime. If you take a few steps, however, you won’t have to […]