Energy Efficient Furnace 101: How to Make Your Home Warm and Eco-Friendly

Each year as winter approaches, homeowners across the Boise area start to think about how much their heating bills will be for the year. As they examine current energy prices, they inevitably start to wonder if there’s anything they can do to increase the efficiency of their home’s furnace. Heating and cooling account for nearly […]

How to Choose the Right HVAC Repair Service

HVAC repair in Meridian, ID

Air conditioning is a common technology in warm climates or anywhere that gets uncomfortably hot during the summer season. Four in five American homes have air conditioning, and those families likely couldn’t imagine coping with the heat without their HVAC systems in place. However, many of those households are also worried about the global environment […]

Are Ductless Systems Energy Efficient?

There are many reasons to consider a ductless system for your Meridian, Idaho home. Also known as ductless mini-splits and ductless heat pumps, these units easy to install, easy to maintain, and capable of providing reliable service all year long. More importantly, they’re incredibly efficient. Read on to find out how a ductless system can […]

4 Reasons Why HVAC System Maintenance is Important

Furnace Maintenance in Meridian, ID

As a homeowner, do you remember to schedule HVAC system maintenance? Tune-up service may be one of the most important services in your home that you easily overlook as long as your heating and cooling appliance works correctly. Since your equipment runs almost daily, taking care of it will come in handy in ensuring it […]

What Are the Benefits of Having New Ductwork Installed?

New Ductwork in Meridian, ID

When you think about your heating or cooling system, your ductwork might be the last thing that comes to mind. However, ductwork plays a major role in keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Typically, your ductwork should be replaced every 10 to 20 years. Read on to learn more […]

Home Air Purification for the Smokey Summer Season

Air Quality in Meridian, ID

As smoky air drifts into our area each summer, many people experience symptoms like itchy eyes, respiratory challenges, allergies and sinus problems, headaches and much more. These concerns follow them indoors, where smoke in the air lingers as well. Outdoors, experts have suggested solutions as radical as wearing N95 masks as well as using eye […]

Can You Increase Your Home Value With HVAC Updates?

Home Equity in Meridian, ID

There are several ways to increase your property’s value. While many people often opt for kitchen or bathroom renovations, did you know you can also up the value by updating your HVAC system? If you wish to learn more about what type of renovations this entails, keep reading. Why Upgrade Your Home? Your home is […]

Will Opening My Windows at Night Save on Electricity?

When the temperature outside rises, most people head indoors to enjoy the comfort of their air-conditioned homes. But that comfort comes at a cost. Even the most efficient HVAC systems can cost quite a bit to operate in the summer. And as soon as those bills begin to arrive, the search for ways to save […]

How Often Should You Replace A Furnace Filter?

Winters in Idaho can be brutal, so you want to make sure your furnace is working throughout the season. One of the most important maintenance tasks is keeping your furnace filters clean and working properly. With so much conflicting information available online, how do you know how often you should replace them? There is no […]