Should You Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

Furnace Maintenance in Meridian, ID

A furnace is a major appliance investment that homeowners only want to make very few times during their lifetime. Whether your home doesn’t feel as warm during the winter as it used to or your furnace is making some unusual noises lately, you might be wondering if replacing the unit entirely or doing some repairs […]

Benefits of AC Surge Protectors

An aging or compromised power grid in your community is a safety issue that can affect an AC system. Installing an AC surge protector can put a stop to the potential damage caused by power surges and brownouts. The impact of a surge during hot weather can bring down your AC unit quickly. Here’s more […]

How To Stay Cool If Your AC Breaks

We generally rely on our AC units to keep us cool in the summer. Unfortunately, things do eventually malfunction, and they sometimes break at the worst possible time. If it’s hot and you’re stuck waiting on AC repairs, you should consider some other ways to beat the heat. Here are several methods of staying cool […]